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The YOGA of POOL – Secrets to becoming a Champion in Billiards and in Life: This 120-page book written by a former monk and inventor of the world’s best training tool (The Billiard Aim Trainer BAT), Paul Rodney Turner, provides the essential ingredients of what makes a great billiards player. The chapters are concise and digestible and not filled with unnecessary fluff.

The idea behind the book was to give you an easy-to-understand roadmap to success, in the form of short essays describing key elements of the game.  One glaring omission from many books on billiards is a lack of information on the mental side of the game, including visualization, and how to practically incorporate proven techniques of visualization and mind management into your game.

The YOGA of POOL is more than an instructional treatise on the fundamentals of billiards but includes techniques and tools for self-improvement. Drawing from the ancient wisdom of the Vedas, Turner successfully guides the reader in releasing their highest potential as a billiards player and in dealing with the challenges of life.

“If you haven’t read the book The Yoga Of Pool, check it out. Paul Rodney Turner does a great job. I recommend it:)” – Rodney Morris (Multiple World Champion)


“If you like to read pool books, I have a solid recommendation for you.  It’s a short and easy read, and it happens to be one of the best pool books ever written.

It’s called The YOGA of POOL, by Paul Rodney Turner.  I happen to be good friends with Paul (inventor of the BAT or Billiards Aim Trainer) and he is as great a guy as he is a writer.  The book packs a serious punch and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing to opponents if you read this masterpiece.  I don’t make a dime from this just so you know. This book gets 10 stars in my eyes! Pound for pound one of the best pool books ever written. Paul Rodney Turner fulfils the promise on the cover of “Secrets to Becoming a Champion in Billiards and in Life.” It’s a very well written book. It’s packed with great and clear info on aiming and fundamentals. It will actually inspire you to be great at everything you do. I could go on and on here… take it from this pro pool player, buy and read this book and your game will improve fast. Don’t buy it and your opponents will be happy. The choice is yours. Thanks for writing this Paul!” – Max Eberle

“As I read through The YOGA of POOL I found myself nodding — not sleeping nodding, but nodding in agreement. I kept finding myself saying “yes, yes, yes”. And then I found myself saying, “damn, I wish I’d had this book when I first started playing (25 yrs ago)”. What a path to be on! Read this book; follow as much of the path as you can, and I am sure you will look back having less regrets, more joy, and will have made much more progress.” – Joe Tucker

Tim Miller, the Monk, professional Coach and author

“I read The YOGA of POOL and came to the conclusion that all serious pool players should own one, read it through and read it again. I can tell you that I am not done studying it. This book is incredible!! I am so happy Paul wrote it. All players will be helped a great deal by this work. Paul offers us a wonderful inner game approach on how to become a champion. He outlines a step by step method to take us on this never ending journey. I use his techniques in my workshops. They come from one of this games premiere writers. Buy this book today and I will look for you in the finals.” – The Monk

David Sapolis, Billiards Coach at Deadstroke University, aka “Blackjack”

“This book is a must have for players of all levels! As a coach and instructor, I highly recommend this book to all of my students – and I refer to it on a daily basis!” – David Sapolis

“When I first got this book, i was keen to read it and yet I had no idea how much more this book would help me on a personal level. The lessons are easy to understand and apply, but what has impressed me so much is how the author has been able to take something as seemingly mundane as pool and masterfully use that context to teach principles and techniques to improve my character. The book reminds me of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, only Turner does not waffle on with story after story. The book is only about 85 pages so the points are made with the least amount of strain on the eyeballs or brain. I am going to get this for all my friends who play pool.”
– Frank Mantos (

“The author clearly defines areas of one’s inner workings of the body and mind such that the readers will is brought to the surface for playing the game. Results should be in positive, ever improving path to success. Adherence to the fundamentals of pool, coupled with fundamentals of learning may materialize into better pool, but the development of self-awareness and awareness of state of mind and effect on others serves well to place you into a more valuable position to achieve higher results both on and off table.”
– AdvTriMixFullCaveBMF (

“I recommend the book for serious pool players – helps to get your mind in the game. Enjoyable reading as well.”
– Cue Chief (

“This is the best pool books I’ve read so far (and I’ve read quite a few). Have learnt so much from it. Thank you Paul, and please, keep up your good work.”
– Damien Luu (

“Good book would like to see more books like this one. Helped me a lot with practice shot and aiming.”
– Unknown (

“Great book with a very different approach than any pool book I’ve read. A lot of time explaining the mental aspects of the game. Definitely recommend!”
– Andrea R (

“This book teaches the essence of how to win. To call this just a book on pool would not give it it’s due, thx I learned much.”
– Lucky the bear (


The YOGA of POOL covers all the fundamentals of the game of billiards, including shot routine, the importance of the pause, leg position, confidence-building exercises, will to win, visualization techniques, as well as the most critical – how to aim correctly. In this respect, I introduce the 3-cut system, demystifying it for the rookie and the seasoned player.

For example, did you know that a half-ball cut correlates exactly to a 30-degree angle? Indeed it does, so once you train your eyes to see a 30-degree angle on the table, you will absolutely know that the way to pocket a ball with a 30-degree angle is to “Cut the ball in half”, but what does that mean exactly? It means directing the center of your cue ball to the outside edge of the object ball to send it on a 30-degree angle to the pocket.

Topics include:

  • Manage Your Mind
  • The Three-Cut System
  • Aim While Standing
  • Back Foot First (Proper body alignment)
  • The Yoga of Pool
  • The Rhythm of Success
  • The Pause
  • Self-Respect and Will to Win
  • Staying Centered
  • Sportsmanship
  • The Power of Individuality
  • Enthusiasm
  • Always Learning
  • Visualization
  • Training Drills
  • Confidence Building Exercises

The World’s Best Aiming System for Billiards teaches the legendary 3-cut system of aiming popularized in snooker and used by the greatest billiards players in the world. The book breaks down the essential elements of success that can be easily applied immediately while playing any kind of billiards. The 3-cut system is based on geometry so it is the most reliable and accurate aiming system available. Get this book and start pocketing balls like never before! Your friends will be amazed.

  • The YOGA of POOL (eBook) – 116 pages
  • World’s Best Aiming System (eBook) – 78 pages
  • YOP Meditation Cards – 20 cards


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  • Paperback: 118 pages
  • Publisher: Food for Life Global; 1 edition (November 23, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0985045108
  • ISBN-13: 978-0985045104
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches
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The YOGA of POOLIf you’re like me, you’ve probably read all the books on how to improve your game, including the classics from Phil Capelle. I don’t propose that this book will cover every facet of the game of billiards; Capelle’s books do a great job of that. However, what I will declare is that The YOGA of POOL – Secrets to becoming a Champion in Billiards and in Life will provide you all the essential tools you need to become a great player, while simultaneously helping to make you a better person.

The book provides the fundamental ingredients of what makes a great player. The chapters are concise and digestible and not filled with unnecessary fluff. The idea behind the book is to give you an easy-to-understand roadmap to success in the form of short essays describing key elements of the game.

I need to point out that the sections dealing with aiming are taken from my other book, World’s Best Aiming System for Billiards. I felt it was necessary to include the same information for completeness of this book. If you already purchased my other book the World’s Best Aiming System for Billiards, you may skip those sections. In any case, the knowledge contained within this book will certainly expand your understanding of the Three-Cut System and support your development in all other facets of the game.

One glaring omission from many books on billiards is a lack of information on the mental and spiritual side of the game, including proven techniques for visualization, mind management, and confidence building exercises. You’ll find them in this book, and rightly so, because to ignore the mind and spirit is akin to ignoring the driver of the vehicle. Every world-class motor racing team knows that a good driver is the difference between success and failure.

As the subtitle suggests, this book is much more than the secrets for success in billiards; it is, in a way, a kind of “Covey-like” directive for the billiards enthusiast on what makes one successful in life.

You may just come away from reading this book feeling a renewed sense of self-worth and optimism. I hope so. I promise you this: if you apply the following ingredients of success to your game, and in your life, you will experience monumental improvements in every aspect.

My hope is that the book will serve to make you the very best player and the best person you can possibly be.


  • The Three-Cut System
  • Aim While Standing
  • Back Foot First  (Proper body alignment)
  • The Yoga of Pool
  • The Rhythm of Success
  • The Pause
  • Self-Respect and Will to Win
  • Staying Centered
  • Sportsmanship
  • The Power of Individuality
  • Enthusiasm
  • Always Learning
  • Visualization
  • Training Drills
  • Confidence Building Exercises
  • Concluding Words
  • About the Author

  • The YOGA of POOL (eBook) +
  • World’s Best Aiming System (eBook) +
  • BONUS: 20 Inspiration Cards (print or carry on your phone)

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Spiritedness – Excerpt from The YOGA of POOL

The Great Magician and Master of Pool, Efren Reyes

Webster defines the word “spirit” as: “Energy, vivacity, ardor, enthusiasm, courage,” etc., while the word “spirited” is defined as: “Animated; full of life and vigor, lively,” etc.

The word Spirit expresses the essence of Universal Power and that which is present in man as the core of his being—his inner strength and power. Spiritedness does not mean the quality of being ethereal, spiritual, or otherworldly. It simply denotes a state of being “animated,” or “possessed of vigor”. This vigor comes from the very core of one’s being—the “I AM” region or plane of consciousness. The quality of spiritedness is manifested in different degrees among different men—and animals. It is an elementary, primitive idiom of Life, and is never dependent upon culture, refinement or education. Its development is a consequence of one’s ability to recognize one’s power within. And the more you can develop spiritedness, the better chance you’ll have at winning in all areas of your life, what to speak of billiards.

Within the animal kingdom, we see how the quality of spiritedness plays into determining who will be the alpha male. For example, if you put two male baboons in the same cage, rather than launch into an attack on one another, they will open their mouths to expose all their teeth and then proceed to ‘blow’ at each other. But one of them will blow with a hint of fear that immediately marks him as the inferior male and the “fight” is over. It is the same with the big cats. Put a dozen lions together, and they also, usually without a single strike, will soon discover which one of them possesses the valor of the leader. Thereafter he takes the choice of the females. He becomes the leader of the pride. It is not always the baboon with the fiercest teeth, nor the biggest lion that asserts his dominion by winning a physical fight—it is always something far subtler than the physical—the soul quality of the animal or its spiritedness.

And so it is with men. It is not the dog in the fight, but the “fight in the dog” that endures. The spiritedness or “nerve,” or “mettle,” of a man is always the deciding factor.

There may be no feeling of antagonism between you and your opponent, but there will be an inward recognition on both sides that one of you is superior. This superiority does not depend upon physical strength, intellectual prowess, social status or skill set, but upon the expression and recognition of one’s inner power or spiritedness.

We often hear of people “lacking spirit”; or having had “their spirit broken,” etc. The term is used in the sense of “mettle.” “A horse with a “bigger heart” will always run a gamer race and will often outdistance and out-cardio a horse having greater physical characteristics, but less “spirit” or “heart.” Other horses become discouraged and allow themselves to be beaten by higher-spirited horses, even though they may be superior physical specimens. This spiritedness or valor of an individual is a vital quality of success but it can only be developed and strengthened once one becomes firmly established in knowing their higher self. Never allow someone else to define who you are. Believe in yourself and know that you are much more than what the world sees externally.

  • The YOGA of POOL (eBook) +
  • World’s Best Aiming System (eBook) +
  • BONUS: 20 Inspiration Cards (print or carry on your phone)


Paul Rodney Turner

Australian-born Paul Rodney Turner (a.k.a. BATman) invented the Billiard Aim Trainer (BAT) in 2004 while contemplating a method to teach his billiard students how to understand and apply the three-cut aiming system he learned as a boy while practicing snooker.

Paul started playing pool in 1973 at the age of 10, on a 7-foot particleboard pool table in his family’s garage. Fascinated by the art and geometry of billiards, Paul studied the books of legendary snooker and billiard greats Joe Davis, Walter Lindrum, and Eddie Charlton. Soon afterward, he became a fan of a new BBC series called Pot Black, featuring the new breed of snooker professionals like Steve Davis and Jimmy White. With a sense of optimism, Paul began practicing on 12-foot snooker tables for four hours a day, meticulously going through drill after drill to perfect his game, in the hope of one day becoming a professional snooker player. Then in 1983, as if called to a higher purpose, Paul put away his snooker cue and traveled east to study the ancient mystical teachings of India. It is that experience that Paul now draws on when explaining more subtle aspects of billiards, like mind management and gamesmanship.

In 1995, Paul founded Food for Life Global (, the world’s largest vegan food relief organization, with projects in over fifty countries. He still directs the charity from his home in New York.

Paul did not pick up a cue again until 2001 when friends encouraged him to try out 9 ball. Drawing from his past snooker experience and his extensive study of the art, Paul quickly established a reputation among his peers, and soon many of them began asking for personal training.

In 2006, Paul founded the Billiards Training Company to manufacture and sell his invention, the Billiard Aim Trainer, which is now being used by professional pool players, coaches, and thousands of amateur players all over the world.

Paul continues his study of the art and science of billiards and has since been personally trained by world champions Allison Fisher and Gerda Hofstatter, as well as by top touring pro, Max Eberle, and Master BCA instructor, Jerry Briesath.

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