Professional Testimonials

I gave the product to a few pool teachers and they were all positively impressed.” – Thorsten Hohmann [site] World Champion
“I worked with the product and I have to tell you, that BAT is one of the best things I ever used to drill players (especially beginners). For the first time, it is easily possible to show the ghost-ball in a convenient way and to show clearly the further reactions of the white. As the national head coach of Germany an manager of a Billards Academy, I should be able to judge these things in a proper way.” – Andreas Huber [Site] National Head coach German Billard Union
“Wow, finally an aiming system I can use to teach my students this fine art. Aiming is the most important part of the game and now with the Bat training device we can truly experience muscle memory. Use this for thirty days and you will see a dramatic improvement in your game. At The Monk Training Center in New Zealand I use this to begin every workshop. My students order one so they have the ability to master aiming. I totally recommend this product.” – Tim Miller (The Monk) [Site]
“I think it’s a very helpful product for beginners.” – Oliver Ortmann (Pro Player) [site]
“I love the product and highly recommend it to any player.” – Dr. Cue (Tom Rossman) [Site]
“At the JustCueIt teaching facility the Billiard Aim Trainer is an integral part of Shuffett’s very popular foundation course. ” – Stan Shuffet (Trainer) [site]
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