The YOGA of POOLIf you’re like me, you’ve probably read all the books on how to improve your game, including the classics from Phil Capelle. I don’t propose that this book will cover every facet of the game of billiards; Capelle’s books do a great job of that. However, what I will declare is that The YOGA of POOL – Secrets to becoming a Champion in Billiards and in Life will provide you all the essential tools you need to become a great player, while simultaneously helping to make you a better person.

The book provides the fundamental ingredients of what makes a great player. The chapters are concise and digestible and not filled with unnecessary fluff. The idea behind the book is to give you an easy-to-understand roadmap to success in the form of short essays describing key elements of the game.

I need to point out that the sections dealing with aiming are taken from my other book, World’s Best Aiming System for Billiards. I felt it was necessary to include the same information for completeness of this book. If you already purchased my other book the World’s Best Aiming System for Billiards, you may skip those sections. In any case, the knowledge contained within this book will certainly expand your understanding of the Three-Cut System and support your development in all other facets of the game.

One glaring omission from many books on billiards is a lack of information on the mental and spiritual side of the game, including proven techniques for visualization, mind management, and confidence building exercises. You’ll find them in this book, and rightly so, because to ignore the mind and spirit is akin to ignoring the driver of the vehicle. Every world-class motor racing team knows that a good driver is the difference between success and failure.

As the subtitle suggests, this book is much more than the secrets for success in billiards; it is, in a way, a kind of “Covey-like” directive for the billiards enthusiast on what makes one successful in life.

You may just come away from reading this book feeling a renewed sense of self-worth and optimism. I hope so. I promise you this: if you apply the following ingredients of success to your game, and in your life, you will experience monumental improvements in every aspect.

My hope is that the book will serve to make you the very best player and the best person you can possibly be.


  • The Three-Cut System
  • Aim While Standing
  • Back Foot First  (Proper body alignment)
  • The Yoga of Pool
  • The Rhythm of Success
  • The Pause
  • Self-Respect and Will to Win
  • Staying Centered
  • Sportsmanship
  • The Power of Individuality
  • Enthusiasm
  • Always Learning
  • Visualization
  • Training Drills
  • Confidence Building Exercises
  • Concluding Words
  • About the Author

  • The YOGA of POOL (eBook) +
  • World’s Best Aiming System (eBook) +
  • BONUS: 20 Inspiration Cards (print or carry on your phone)

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